Beyond Seven Review No. 38

Posted on Wed 26 February 2020 in Beyond Seven Review

Book and publishing history 🚟

Counterantidisintermediation 🌔

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  • The Obama Presidential Center Will Curate Its Own Story | On the Media | WNYC Studios
    "... We learned from the New York Times last month that the Obama Foundation, after building the Obama Presidential Center, would itself curate the museum exhibits documenting his presidency. (The National Archives will manage the documents themselves.) This week, Bob speaks with Louise Bernard, director of the museum at the Obama Presidential Center, and Tim Naftali, historian and former director of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, about the Obama Foundation's arrangement with the National Archives, and what Naftali worries this could mean for future presidential libraries."

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BLM in Chinese

The whole world knows about BLM (Black Lives Matter). Native speakers of English (at least American English — I can't vouch for other varieties) instinctively know what the innately idiomatic intransitive verb "matter" means in this constructi…

via Language Log January 12, 2021
Public Domain Day Short Film Contest Highlights Works of 1925

Filmmakers responded with enthusiasm and creativity to a call from the Internet Archive to make short films using newly available content from 1925 in celebration of Public Domain Day. They discovered a new freedom in being able to remix film clips with G…

via Internet Archive Blogs January 12, 2021
Das Monitoring von CLARIAH-DE

Worum geht es? Das bis Ende März 2021 geförderte BMBF-Projekt CLARIAH-DE führt die Angebote von CLARIN-D und DARIAH-DE nachhaltig zusammen, um Synergien sowie neue Nutzendengruppen zu erschließen. Gerade mit Blick auf generische Dienste oder Basisinfrastr…

via DHd-Blog January 12, 2021

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