Beyond Seven Review No. 42

Posted on Wed 22 April 2020 in Beyond Seven Review

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  • Experimental Design and the Reliability of Priming Effects: Reconsidering the "Train Wreck"
    Abstract: "Failures to replicate high-profile priming effects have raised questions about the reliability of priming phenomena. Studies at the discussion’s center, labeled “social priming,” have been interpreted as a specific indictment of priming that is social in nature. However, “social priming” differs from other priming effects in multiple ways. The present research examines one important difference: whether effects have been demonstrated with within- or between-subjects experimental designs. To examine the significance of this feature, we assess the reliability of four well-known priming effects from the cognitive and social psychological literatures using both between- and within-subjects designs and analyses. All four priming effects are reliable when tested using a within-subjects approach. In contrast, only one priming effect reaches that statistical threshold when using a between-subjects approach. This demonstration serves as a salient illustration of the underappreciated importance of experimental design for statistical power, generally, and for the reliability of priming effects, specifically."

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