Beyond Seven Review No. 54

Posted on Wed 07 October 2020 in Beyond Seven Review

(Quantitative) cultural studies 🚣

Counterantidisintermediation 🌔

Data analysis and Bayesian statistics ⚽

  • Battling Expertise with the Power of Ignorance | Articles | Bill James Online
    """I want to point out to you in passing that “getting the answers right” had almost nothing to do with the success of my career. My reputation is based entirely on finding the right questions to ask—that is, in finding questions that have objective answers, but to which no one happens to know what the objective answer is. That’s what I did 35 years ago; that’s what I do now. When I do that, it makes almost no difference whether I get the answer right, or whether I get it a little bit wrong. Of course I do my very best to get the answers right, out of pride and caution, but it doesn’t actually matter. Why? Because if I don’t get the answer right, somebody else will."""

Information and Geisteswissenschaften 🏺

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No, that's not a mistake. My son just called me about some Hindi books I wanted him to order for me.  He asked, "Do they have to be in Romanization, or is it all right if they are in Devangari?" The way he said the word "Devangari" mad…

via Language Log October 26, 2020
Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter*in im Forschungsdatenmanagement (m/w/d) gesucht. Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L (50%), befristet bis 31.03.2022, Bewerbung bis 31.10.2020.

Das Leibniz-Institut für Geschichte und Kultur des östlichen Europa (GWZO) e.V. erforscht in vergleichender Perspektive die historischen und kulturellen Entwicklungsprozesse in der Region zwischen Ostsee, Schwarzem Meer und Adria von der Spätantike bis zu…

via DHd-Blog October 20, 2020
Pathfinding diagram improvements, part 2

In the last post I described improving the diagrams on my Tower Defense page. Once I finished that, I moved on to my other pathfinding pages, starting with the A* page. inline legend Frontier expansion diagram: I didn't find a good way to put labels on …

via Blobs in Games August 31, 2020

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