Beyond Seven Review No. 55

Posted on Wed 21 October 2020 in Beyond Seven Review

(Quantitative) cultural studies 🚣

Data analysis and Bayesian statistics ⚽

  • Discussion on overfitting in cluster analysis
    Gelman on (not) using BIC for estimating number of clusters in a mixture model. "I think BIC is fundamentally different from AIC, WAIC, LOO, etc, in that all those other things are estimates of out-of-sample prediction error, while BIC is some weird thing that under certain ridiculous special cases corresponds to an approximation to the log marginal probability."

Free/libre and open-source software 🌺

    A section from PayPal's API style guide. Useful examples.

Information and Geisteswissenschaften 🏺

  • On Weaponised Design
    On UX in an era of surveillance capitalism. "User Experience Design has blossomed from a niche industry in the halls of Silicon Valley’s early startup darlings to a force that architects our digital lives. Today, user experience design is wholly responsible for modelling human expression and self identity, and enabling interaction and participation online. Design today shares as much in common with information security research as it does with behavioural science or aesthetics. By failing to criticise common design practices or form cooperative relationships with other technology fields, user experience designers are effectively refusing to recognise and respond to traumatic cases of its own work being used to harm users."

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Articles from blogs I follow around the net

FOSS wins again: Free and Open Source Communities comes through on 19th Century Newspapers (and Books and Periodicals…)

I have never been more encouraged and thankful to Free and Open Source communities. Three months ago I posted a request for help with OCR’ing and processing 19th Century Newspapers and we got soooo many offers to help.  Thank you, that was heart warming a…

via Internet Archive Blogs November 23, 2020
DPayments on the DWeb now possible? Math breakthrough

One of the goals of a new World Wide Web: the Decentralized Web was to help people make money by publishing on the web. There are approaches to this such as Coil, but the vision in the paper has not … Continue reading →

via Brewster Kahle's Blog November 16, 2020
Can Atom replace oXygen?

Virtually anyone working with XML files in the context of the Digital Humanities, and especially in the context of scholarly digital editing, knows the oXygen XML editor. It is mature and packed with useful features, and yet every new version brings even …

via The Dragonfly's Gaze March 28, 2020

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