Beyond Seven Review No. 60

Posted on Wed 30 December 2020 in Beyond Seven Review

(Quantitative) cultural studies 🚣

  • Procedurally modifying spelling
    Wonderful post. "Some examples: Maybe the elves in the west write the K S sound with the letters ks. For example the word tax would be written taks."

Information and Geisteswissenschaften 🏺

  • TAPAS Project
    Hosting provider for TEI. "TAPAS is the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service hosted by Northeastern University Library's Digital Scholarship Group."

Scholarly communication 🦓

  • Radical Philosophy: Editorial
    From 2018. Radical Philosophy finally goes open access. Not exactly a radical move at this point.
  • » How publishers keep fooling academics
    "Time and time again, academic publishers have managed to create the impression that publishing incurs a lot of costs which justify the outrageous prices they charge, be that US$11M p.a. for an Elsevier Big Deal subscription or an article processing charge (APC) of US$5,200 for a Nature Communications article."

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Articles from blogs I follow around the net

The Wool Road of Northern Eurasia

We all know about the Silk Road (which is actually a recent term), and some of us also know about the Bronze Road, the Iron Road, the Horse and Chariot Road, the Fur Road, the Glass Road, the Spice Road, and the Tea Road.  Now we really have to take serio…

via Language Log April 12, 2021
DPayments on the DWeb now possible? Math breakthrough

One of the goals of a new World Wide Web: the Decentralized Web was to help people make money by publishing on the web. There are approaches to this such as Coil, but the vision in the paper has not … Continue reading →

via Brewster Kahle's Blog November 16, 2020
Books to Read While the Algae Grow in Your Fur, March 2021

Attention conservation notice: I have no taste, and no qualifications to opine on the sociology of radio and the music industry, or on movies. (I didn't finish a lot of books this month, since I'm not counting re-reading bits and pieces of arcane tome…

via Three-Toed Sloth January 1, 0001

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