Beyond Seven Review No. 62

Posted on Wed 27 January 2021 in Beyond Seven Review

Counterantidisintermediation 🌔

Data analysis and Bayesian statistics ⚽

Information and Geisteswissenschaften 🏺

  • Work of the past, work of the future
    Column by David Autor. "Labour markets in US cities today are vastly more educated and skill-intensive than they were 50 years ago, but urban non-college workers now perform much less skilled work than they did. This column shows that automation and international trade have eliminated many of the mid-skilled non-college jobs that were disproportionately based in cities. This has contributed to a secular fall in real non-college wages."
  • Do Things Matter?
    Arresting essay by Sarah Miller. Somewhat US-specific. "Last week a 23-year-old woman asked me if she should get an MFA. I asked her if she would have to pay for it. She said no, because she wouldn’t go if she didn’t get funded. I said if she didn’t have to pay for it, sure, she could go, but she could also not go, and that would also be fine. ..."

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