Beyond Seven Review No. 74

Posted on Wed 14 July 2021 in Beyond Seven Review

Counterantidisintermediation 🌔

  • May First Movement Technology
    Looks a bit like riseup. Has been around since 2005. "We are a democratically-run, not-for-profit cooperative of movement organizations and activists in the United States and Mexico. We've been around since 2005 and our 850 members (mostly organizations and mainly in the U.S. and Mexico) host over 10,000 email address and over 2,000 web sites on our collectively owned and secured hardware that run exclusively on encrypted disks."

Free/libre and open-source software 🌺

Information and Geisteswissenschaften 🏺

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Should non-native students of Japanese pay close attention to pitch accent?

From a long-time learner of Japanese language: I must say that the Japanese instructors at the Foreign Service Institute were NOT inclined to teach — or even acknowledge — pitch … and, for that matter, in all but rare cases, "bother" to correct st…

via Language Log December 4, 2021
GIS Day 2021, Community Mapping Project and Kickoff

November 17th is International GIS Day, and we’d love for you to join us in this celebration of all things spatial. We always look forward to getting together to see and discuss your amazing GIS work while enjoying a delicious piece of cake, but due to - …

via Scholars’ Lab November 11, 2021
Summer of small projects

I've kinda been quiet for a while. The main reason is that world events finally got to me. I had been doing ok mentally, working at home, spending a lot of time outdoors, etc., but eventually the COVID pandemic and the California drought+wildfires dra…

via Blobs in Games November 8, 2021

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