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Posted on Wed 28 July 2021 in Beyond Seven Review

(Quantitative) literary history and sociology of literature 🦉

  • EN2C9/EN3C9 The Global Novel
    "Students taking this module will read novels from all around the world, from the 19th century to the present, within the framework of recent debates over world-literature, modernity, and the still unfolding process of globalisation. We will consider how widening our comparative and international perspective enables us to read and interpret novels (even the most seemingly ‘local’ or ‘national’ productions) as irresistibly ‘global’. The module analyses how certain novelistic forms, themes and issues ‘travel’. Students will discover ways in which certain works contain traces, adaptations and importations of ‘core’ (or global) issues, and adapt, remodel or reject them in accordance with local/national forms and expressions. Issues such as work/war/resources/imperialism/climate/finance/disaster/modernisation and others will be traced as we work to establish each novel's 'globality'. We will consider a number of elements in form and subgenre - magic realism/blog novels/graphic novels/speculative fiction/annalistic wiritng, but we will also look at each work's mediation, its commercial and cultural production and its geopolitical conditioning. You'll also pick up a solid understanding of the crucial issues and debates in globalisation. The module will read novels from Scotland to China, Saudi Arabia to Colombia, England to the U.S, and demonstrate why a global perspective is a necessary requisite for literary studies in the 21st century."

Counterantidisintermediation 🌔

Free/libre and open-source software 🌺

  • Files are fraught with peril
    Talk by Dan Luu on using files. "This is a psuedo-transcript for a talk given at Deconstruct 2019."
  • Security Guidelines for Congressional Campaigns
    "The good news is, if you follow these guidelines, you will have a high level of protection against being 'Podesta-ed'. The easiest way to get this protection is to form good security habits before you need them."

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