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Posted on Wed 08 September 2021 in Beyond Seven Review

Book and publishing history 🚟

  • Intellectual property - Counterpoint - ABC Radio National
    ABC episode on Intellectual property. Samir Chopra, Professor of Philosophy, interviewed.
  • Article Mainstream Macroeconomics and Modern Monetary Theory: What Really Divides Them? By Arjun Jayadev and J. W. Mason
    > Following Abba Lerner’s influential formulation, this component is often referred to as functional finance (Lerner 1943). Our goal here is not to make an assessment of MMT as a whole, but to ask what is the relationship between the functional finance approach to government budgets and conventional economic analysis. Because we are interested in the logic of the functional-finance position rather than in MMT as a body of thought, we make only limited references to MMT literature here. Our primary interest is in the merits of the functional finance position in the abstract. On the mainstream side, we are focused on what might be called “orthodox policy macroeconomics”—the practical heuristics that guide policy makers and are reflected in undergraduate textbooks, as opposed to DSGE and related models of intertemporal optimization that are the basis of most current macroeconomic theory. The relevant question is not whether MMT is consistent with models of this type, but whether it is consistent with the simpler, more reduced form models that are (explicitly or implicitly) drawn on by public officials and public and private-sector forecasters, as well as by academic economists when engaged in public discussions.

Counterantidisintermediation 🌔

Information and Geisteswissenschaften 🏺

  • Ethics of Digital Librarianship (1992)
    > Ethics of Digital Librarianship > Brewster Kahle > Thinking Machines (now > February 1992 > Distributed with the freeware WAIS releases

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